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Starting at $450

Perfect wedding flower pick up option for elopements, intimate cermonies and smaller gatherings, or to elevate any event!

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Avery Collection

Classic white & Greenery

Timeless & romantic. Suitable for any climate, as most flora are longer lasting. Take with you to a mountain top, the rainforest, the windy coast, or sunny and hot eastern WA! A winter wedding classic, this style can be used any time of year for a look that fits with any color palette. 

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Juliet Collection

Spring Pastels

Youthful, whimsical & flower forward designs with light pinks & peaches, soft yellows and neutral earth tones. Perfect for coastal beach or island vow exchanges, or a spring elopement in the mountains. Ideal for a bridal or baby shower, or a backyard summer garden party!

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Seattle wedding florist

Josephine collection

Bright & Bold.

For the wild at heart. Delicate flowers and tendrils in a more robust palette. Pinks, tangerine, coral and blackberry blend. Perfect for an Autumnal event, or any season in the PNW! Invite some color into your celebration!

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Hayden Collection

Modern Boho.

Bleached preserved & natural dried flora paired with long lasting fresh flowers. Whites, creams & neutrals, blended for a relaxed, natural, organic style celebration. Suitable for any climate or condition. Longest lasting flora will travel extremely well in or out of state!

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**Collections may use different flora than what is featured above, in the same color palette & aesthetic depending on the season, the location & details of your event.

Often sunnier, hotter, windier & dryer locations in Eastern WA for example require alternative flora and mechanics so flowers last the duration and remain upright, especially if being transported &/or repurposed to multiple locales. Cost may vary based on types of ingredients, size and scale, however images reflect standard product and materials as recommended.

Standard white ceramic vessels, floral frogs and chicken wire for large altar arrangements, centerpieces or welcome decor. Smaller versions of the same vessel for Medium sized arrangements.

May replace with a white matte Kendall pot (same as the featured vessel for the Small Arrangements, but a much larger 12" size) with a wider flat base, if it's a windy zone and will not remain upright outdoors. Alternatively we may need to design directly into a chicken wire base to secure into the ground, etc. The base of this pot may also be set into rocks surrounding it or into the sand or earth to hold upright outdoors, if ground is soft enough to dig a smaller hole (and the locale allows for such!) Let's get creative with your outdoor ceremony and make it work! Wind CAN be conquered, and floral foam (that is harmful to the environment) is generally not necessary!

White ceramic Kendall pot & flower frog &/or chicken wire for small arrangements

Perfect to group together, pair with larger arrangements for a tablescape, or fly solo for cocktail tables or dessert table. R&S may recommend alternatives for windy locales, as these may easily tip in any stronger gusts. Another tip would be to secure with stones or other natural elements if it turns out to be a breezy day.